HDR is coming to every PS4 soon via firmware update

If you own the 'original' PlayStation 4 and feel a bit left out by today's Sony event, good news: Sony has a little present for you, and it will be arriving next week. As announced today, all PlayStation 4 devices — including the original one — will be getting HDR support via a firmware update arriving next week. Once it arrives, your PS4, regardless of whether you have the original or slim, will get some level of HDR capabilities.

That's great news for those with an HDR-capable TV, but it isn't clear at this point what kind of HDR support is inbound — will you be able to play games in HDR as with the newly introduced PlayStation 4 Pro model, or will you only be able to play videos in HDR? That's a pretty big distinction, and may help sway those who haven't yet chosen between the slim or Pro.

We'll probably hear more about this in the near future, but there's isn't much time left waiting regardless. The information came as a tidbit between Sony's showcasing of various games and unveiling of two new models, the PlayStation 4 Slim and the PlayStation 4 Pro. The PlayStation 4 Pro comes with HDR streaming and gaming capabilities, as well as 4K, the latter of which is the most lauded feature.

While the PS4 Slim will be arriving on September 15, you'll have to wait until later this year if you want to get the Pro model. The Slim is priced at $299 USD, while the PS4 Pro model is priced at $399 USD — certainly not as much as some were guessing given the features. If you're anticipating picking up a PlayStation VR, you'll definitely want the Pro model.