Happy Birthday Titanfall: all DLC are now free

Chris Burns - Mar 12, 2015, 10:20 am CDT
Happy Birthday Titanfall: all DLC are now free

This been one year since the first release of Titanfall, the teams at Respawn and Microsoft have decided to push all DLC to the free zone. This means all three content packs that’ve been released in the time between the first push of Titanfall and now, with a whole lot of extra map action inside. This includes Titanfall Expedition, Titanfall Frontier’s Edge, and Titanfall IMC Rising, each of them with their own set of maps to make your battle area much more massive.

NOTE: This includes all DLC for Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Origin for PC. Have at em!

The first DLC, Expidition, brought us to three new exciting maps, one of which may as well have been called “Endor.”

In reality it was called Swamplands, and it allowed (and still allows) you to hang from trees.

Easily our favorite map released in any DLC so far, “Wargames” combines the greatest bits of three separate maps in a virtual reality simulation for the pilot – you.

The second DLC brings you to three new maps: Dig Site, Haven, and Export. Watch out here for secret traps and in-map death points. There aren’t many of them – but they do exist.

The most recent release for Titanfall was the IMC Rising pack, pushed in September of 2014. We’ll let you explore that particular pack on your own.

Don’t forget to have a peek at the Titanfall Companion app for mobile devices as well. Live and in-action.

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