Titanfall DLC 2: Frontier's Edge

The next downloadable content pack for Titanfall has been announced this week, this the second of three. Titanfall: Frontier's Edge will contain three new maps, as the first, and will fall in the same pricing tier as the original as well.

In Frontier's Edge, the player will be introduced to Dig Site, Haven, and Export. In Dig Site, you'll roll with an isolated mining outpost – likely similar to Demeter. With Haven you'll be pushed to a "beach resort" that we can't imagine being much different from Lagoon.

Finally there's Export, which Respawn Entertainment suggests takes place in a mining hub "on the side of a mountain." We're hoping this means there's a lot more opportunity to fall directly off the map – there's not nearly enough of that going around right this minute.

Stay tuned to SlashGear's Gaming tag hub as we attain more information, images, and video of this DLC as soon as possible.

Frontier's Edge will be delivered for $9.99 USD on its own. You'll also still be able to purchase the Titanfall Season Pass right now for $24.99, this containing all three content packs as they're delivered. This content pack series will be delivered to all Titanfall platforms: Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Origin for PC at the same time.

The Titanfall Season Pass will remain on sale until March 11th, 2016. We must assume that the final DLC will be available well before then.