Hanvon BC10C multitouch Win7 tablet gets tested: premium feel

Hanvon's BC10C (and its BA10E sibling) was a surprising stand-out from CeBIT 2010 recently, a multitouch-capable 10-inch slate running Windows 7.  jkkmobile managed to bring one home from the show, and has been testing it out to see whether it's all good news.  The upside is that media performance – thanks to the 1.3GHz Celeron ULV processor – is decent; the downside is that CULV notebook style components don't add up to extremes of battery life.Video review after the cut

In fact, the BC10C only managed 3.5hrs in this pre-production sample.  That's in no small part because there's no CPU throttling in use: the 1.3GHz chip runs at full speed all the time.  Of course, that shouldn't be the case in shipping versions, which will begin to hit Asia come March 25th.

Even with patchy runtimes, jkkmobile is still very impressed with the Hanvon slate.  It's key strengths are web browsing and multimedia – there's an HDMI output for using the Intel GMA 4500 graphics with an external HDTV or monitor – and as long as you can stomach the US $877 price it looks like this is a table you'll actually be able to buy in the near future.  Considering the number of competitors we see once or twice then never hear of again, that's impressive enough by itself.