Hanvon BC10C and BA10E multitouch tablets get CeBIT 2010 video demo

Remember Hanvon's Windows 7 tablet slyly spotted all the way back at IDF 2009 last year?  The company has brought along the latest version to CeBIT 2010 this week, and its gained a sibling too.  The Hanvon BC10C and BA10E each run Windows 7, the BC10C having a 1.3GHz Celeron CPU and the BA10E using a 1.6GHz Atom Z-series CPU, and jkkmobile ended up very impressed by both tablets.Video demo after the cut

The larger BC10C has various programable buttons around the edges, along with an HDMI connector, and an optical mouse integrated into the bottom bezel.  Actually the Celeron-based tablet is slightly smaller (albeit thicker) than its Atom counterpart.  Inside there's a 250GB hard-drive.

As for the Hanvon BA10E, that will have both a capacitive multitouch display option and an active digitizer option for improved handwriting recognition.  Around the edges there are the same array of buttons, USB and HDMI connectivity, while inside there's a 120GB HDD and both front and back cameras.

Price-wise, the BA10E will come in at €500-600 while the BC10C will be €600-700.  No word on specific release dates, but since Hanvon are handing out review units we're guessing they're ramping up for a launch.