Hangouts For Android Update Adds Support For AT&T Video Calls

Back in May, Google+ Hangouts was unveiled at the Internet giant's I/O 2013 event, with the service now being available for use across iOS, Android, and on the Web. Though Google Voice still hasn't been integrated into the service, a different change has taken place with the latest Android update that will make AT&T users happy.

With the announcement of Hangouts, we learned that users can make video calls for free over their carrier's 3G or 4G network in addition to wireless Internet, an option that most users have been able to take advantage of. The feature hasn't been available for AT&T users over a cellular network, however, something that wasn't terribly surprising but did cause frustration for its subscribers.

Despite initial thoughts that it could be the result of AT&T blocking the feature, it turned out that Hangouts hadn't yet passed the certification needed for video calling, leaving the feature over cellular to be a perk for subscribers on other networks. That changed this past weekend, however, when an update quietly brought about the functionality to AT&T customers.

As our friends over at Android Community noted, the latest update now available from the Google Play Store has brought this functionality to AT&T users. As such, the carrier's subscribers are no longer bound by wireless network availability to make video calls and can instead do so anywhere they have cellular reception. Though a minor update overall, the change is exciting – and liberating – for quite a few Hangouts users.