Google+ Hangouts take chat cross-platform: Web, Android, and iOS

This week at Google I/O 2013, a new application has been introduced to take on cross-device and cross-platform communication: Hangouts. This system expands on what's existed inside Google+ with a Hangout, turning chat both text and video to come with a user wherever they go. This system allows for saving of conversations, photos, video, and media of all types, sharing made as smooth as it has been inside Google+, now here on the web, in Android, and in iOS all at once.

This chat system will be available for Android and iOS as well as on the web starting today. This cross-platform initiative works with group video as well as video chat, and all of it without charge. Though this may seem obvious for some, there have been systems similar to this in the past where chatting with your camera cost extra cash – can you name that system?

With Google+ Hangouts, a Google+ account will be needed to chat. This account is the same as a user's Google account for Gmail and the like, but the social networking sign-up will need to be done.

This system will also be launching with photo storage with Google+ at 15GB at full size. This means that if you want to automatically upload photos to Google+ with your Android or iOS device, you can upload 15GB worth of full-sized photos. If you want to upload limited-size photos, you can upload as many as you like.

Google+ has also been updated with a system that can break down your collection of photos to find what's best based on a variety of pre-selected criteria. This system as well as Google+ Hangouts will be launching today with Google+ photo enhancement abilities far beyond those available in the past. Stay tuned to SlashGear's Google I/O tag portal all week long for more developer action as it occurs, piece by piece!