H1Z1 gameplay brings one hour of action with creators

Chris Burns - May 30, 2014
H1Z1 gameplay brings one hour of action with creators

The folks at Sony Online Entertainment LLC have come to bring on a new wave of their upcoming Zombie Survival game H1Z1. Two of the game’s designers, Paul Carrico and Jimmy Whisenhunt jump in on the game immediately in this hour-long video captured overnight via Twitch.

This game is a massively multiplayer online game will be made available in late 2014 for the PlayStation 4 and Windows PCs. In it you’ll be running around in a zombie apocalypse that’s taken over the United States. At this time the company is still deciding how they’ll make cash in the game – it’ll be free-to-play no matter what.

The main focus of this game will be surviving against zombies. The game will encourage players to team up and survive against the zombies rather than running up and murdering one another – though this video does show off how, once a person is killed, their body can be looted for weapons, devices, and ammo.

Though it’ll be tempting to push your pal into a group of zombies to eventually loot his body after they’ve gone, this game will emphasize multiplayer co-op, team-building, and trading of items.

Fighting will be more complex than in previous zombie games, with momentum-based combos, punching combos, and lots of weaponized action. Craftable items include a shed, spike traps, a torch, gates, a combat knife, a view, and one whole heck of a lot more.

Have a peek at the archived stream above and let us know if you’re pumped for the release of this title. The hero image above comes from Tom Schenck, Technical Director on H1Z1 at SOE via Twitter: @tomslick42

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