H1Siri hack comes to hacked iPhone 4 and iPod Touch

When you've got a jailbroken phone, aka a hacked phone on the Apple iOS mobile platform, you've got a lot of freedoms when it comes to illicit applications such as this most recent of the pack: Siri for your iPod Touch or iPhone 4 through an app called H1Siri. What you're going to get with this app is some developers from China by the name of CD-Team allowing you to use the Siri application and ecosystem to the fullest just so long as your device is both jailbroken and is running the newest version of iOS 5. Sound like an alright situation to you, all you wishers for the personal assistant that'll let you know where the closest one dollar pop is?

You'll be installing H1Siri in a flash right after you've got your jailbreak on, and though that bit may be more than a couple steps when it comes down to it, can you put a price on having the software that at the moment is only otherwise allowed on the iPhone 4S? There are some drawbacks of course, like the possibility that your camera will break or that you'll get a mass of errors once you start trying to access the servers Siri relies on to bring you all of its infinite knowledge, but heck! It's a bunch of fun anyway, right? Have a peek at the system here working on an iPhone 4:

So here's your situation — follow the directions at InTech if you do so dare to try it all out, but don't be surprised if your device doesn't like what's being done to it, as none of this is sanctioned by Apple. Then see what you could have, of course, if you just go ahead and purchase the full real deal in our review of the iPhone 4S. Also remember we've got a review of iOS 5 if you want to take a look at that, and don't skip the Siri video there as well. It's Siri for all!

[via Verge]