Guitar Hero: World Tour drums get PC sensitivity tweak app

While some gamers are busy enjoying themselves with Guitar Hero: World Tour, which launched on Monday, others are experiencing huge problems with drum sensitivity.  In some cases undersensitive, in others oversensitive, the only common theme is frustration.  Now publisher Activision has announced a fix to allow the sensitivity of individual drum and cymbal pads to be tweaked; however it's not the in-game simple fix many might have hoped.

Instead, the app is a standalone PC tool called the Guitar Hero World Tour Drum Tuning Kit, which runs on Windows XP and Vista systems.  It requires a special cable – midi to USB – that Activision will send, free of charge, to owners of the drum set, and once connected allows you to tweak up or down the sensitivity of each component.

While an admirably quick fix, it's still nowhere near perfect.  Many gamers are frustrated that a console controller – which is expected to work properly "out of the box" – is requiring such a convoluted degree of fettling.  Others, without PCs, are wondering how they will run the app.  You can find more details of the fix here, together with details on how to claim your cable if affected.

[via Kotaku]