Guinness World Record set for a golf ball caught in a moving car

At right around 120 mph it was time for former Formula 1 driver David Coulthard to stick his hand out of his $200,000 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster supercar to make the catch. In his hand (nearly) plopped a standard sized golf ball hit by British pro golfer Jake Shepherd from 275 meters away. As it turns out, catching the ball in your hand isn't one of the requirements for the Guinness World Record to be won – and good thing, too, as they actually ended up catching the ball here in the middle of the car's front two seats.

The video which shows the feat is quickly becoming a smash hit of its own, as seeing this massively expensive car capture a ball whose take-off speed was 178 mph down an airport runway is no one-time view. Have a peek at this action right this instant:

You'll find that Mercedes-Benz got in on the action as well with a "making of" video which shows some behind the scenes action. This video shows how not only did they not get the catch the first time, it actually took a few tries to get it right – and one broken windshield as well.

Let us know if you've done anything nearly as interesting as this lately, and of course feel free to tout your own personal world records as well!

[via Mercedez-Bens]