Google's Verizon Nexus One clears FCC

Google didn't hide the fact that they were planning a Verizon CDMA version of the Nexus One, it just wasn't ready for launch at the same time as the triband HSPA model currently on sale.  Set to go on sale in Spring 2010, at least according to the original announcement, the CDMA Nexus One has been spotted clearing the FCC.

HTC have made the FCC submission – no surprise, since they're the OEM behind the Snapdragon-powered Android 2.1 smartphone – and the device itself is listed as the PB99300. In comparison, the GSM version of the smartphone was known as the PB99100 in its FCC submission.

What the device appears to lack is "globalphone" hybrid support for both CDMA and GSM networks, which would have meant the Verizon Nexus One could be taken abroad and used, roaming, with GSM carriers.  As for a release date, the confidentiality agreement HTC have with the FCC expires on April 30th 2010, so we're guessing at a launch shortly after that.

[via Unwired View]