Google's Project Tango sales "opening up more broadly"

The public may very well be able to get their hands on a Project Tango tablet in the near future with an update coming down today. Those that've reserved this 3D-scanning tablet as a developer but have not chosen to purchase as of yet are receiving an email today which suggests that Google is "opening up sales more broadly" so those that've reserved a unit should go ahead and jump in now. They've also given the half-price special to these users, just as they did for developers attending Project Tango sessions at GTC 2015.

An email sent to prospective whitelisted buyers of the Project Tango tablet are being offered the tablet for $512 USD instead of the original $1024 USD. This price includes a 1-year limited warrantee from Google – but if you break it by bashing it against a table, you're still out of luck.

Google suggests that international availability is coming soon, while US availability for whitelisted buyers is open right this minute.

Google warns purchasers of this developer-aimed piece of hardware that it is, in fact, for developer, and not for the general public. As such, they suggest the following.

"Please be aware that the tablet is not a consumer-oriented device," said Google.

"These tablets are designed to enable software professionals to develop for the platform. The tablet has known issues and will receive regular updates which may modify the device's functionality as the platform evolves. By purchasing this device, you acknowledge you understand this risk."

Above you'll see a look at a demo of a piece of software developed for Project Tango called Soundfield. This is one of several piece of Project Tango-specific games, mapping programs, or otherwise 3D-sensing pieces of wonder made for the device by developers with early access.

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