Google's new In Apps search finds info within apps while offline

Google has rolled out a new search tool for Android users dubbed "In Apps." Available in the Google app or Google Now, it allows users to search for content or information within the apps installed on the device, including contact info, messages, email, photos, music, and videos. Search results can be filtered to display only items within apps, and unlike before, the search is completely local, so there's no need for an online connection.

As the feature is new, it works with a limited number of apps, including Gmail, Spotify, and YouTube. But Google says more apps, like Facebook Messenger, LinkedIn, Evernote, Glide, Todoist, and Google Keep, will be supported soon. Users are also able to customize results, so specific apps can be excluded from searches.

Once the Google app on Android is updated, users will find this new tool in the tab bar along the top, all the way to the right. The other benefit to not needing an internet connection is that both searches and results won't be sent to the cloud, so complete privacy remains intact.

Also mentioned is that LG's upcoming V20 smartphone, which will launch with Android Nougat installed, will feature a dedicated homescreen shortcut to In Apps search, and all of the pre-loaded LG apps will be supported in searches.

SOURCE Google Blog