Google/Oracle Java Patent Trial Date Set

All talks of settlement over what's sure to be an electric case between Oracle and Google over copyright infringement of the former by the latter have failed and a trail date has been set to end the conflict. It will all end (or begin in ernest, rather) on April 16, 2012, and Google may be in for a world of hurt if Oracle is found on the winning end of this particular battle. If you'll remember back months and months ago, Oracle claimed the Android lifted Oracle-made code without their consent – the results could be dire if Google is proven guilty.

The talks between Google and Oracle to settle this case out of court have failed them for the last time, said Judge Paul Grewal, and case orders are being made effective. Grewal is a US District Court Judge in Northern California where talks were taking place, and he has announced today that Google-proposed $2.8 million dollar damage payment was rejected by Oracle. This damage payment would only be made in the event that Oracle were able to prove that Google was in the wrong out of court – now the case will be settled in the hot seat itself under Judge Grewal this Spring.

"Despite their diligent efforts and those of their able counsel, the parties have reached an irreconcilable impasse in their settlement discussions. No further conferences shall be convened. The parties should instead direct their entire attention to the preparation of their trial presentations." – Judge Grewal

This trial is expected to last a total of eight weeks, and we'll likely be hearing updates on the proceedings as they progress the whole way through. It's being reported that in the proposal Google submitted to Oracle contained information that suggested Google made $550 million USD in revenue between the years 2008 and 2011 – so there's a considerable amount of cash there to argue over. Oracle is said to be seeking "hundreds of millions of dollars" in damages.

[via Bloomberg]