Google wants to make the mobile web faster with Accelerated Mobile Pages

In order to help prevent users from encountering slow loading webpages while mobile browsing, and in turn keep those site from losing visitors, Google has announced an open-source project called Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). By using existing HTML technologies, Google's AMP is meant to help publishers build "light-weight" versions of their sites that will reduce load times on mobile, even if pages have bloated content like video, animations, slideshows, and graphics.

Google's blog post announcing the project says the code is intended to "work across multiple platforms and devices so that content can appear everywhere in an instant." A number of publishers have been collaborating on the system, including The Guardian, BuzzFeed, and The Washington Post, in addition to partners Twitter, WordPress, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

The initial results of the project are being shared to the public on GitHub, and Google has released a demo of the HTML open framework for its main Search product. AMP is still a technical preview at this point, but the technology is expected to make its way to the company's other services, especially Google News.

AMP in part can be seen as Google's own take on efforts to reduce load times on the mobile web, namely Facebook's Instant Articles and the new iOS 9 feature Apple News, both of which offer publishers quick load times paired with simple advertising.