Google To Reveal Mobile-Payment Service On May 26?

Being able to pay for your groceries with the swipe of your smartphone is certainly in the near future, as several companies are duking it out to be the first to offer a mobile payment system. According to Bloomberg, Google's offering may be revealed as early as this Thursday, May 26th.

Three people familiar with the situation divulged that Google plans to unveil their mobile payment service with Sprint at an event in New York on Thursday. Users of Android phones equipped with an NFC chip will be able to pay for goods and redeem coupons directly from their handsets.

The first smartphone that will be able to handle the new mobile payment service is Sprint's Nexus S 4G, which has an integrated NFC chip. It will be interesting to see if the service actually gets unleashed this Thursday, as it will certainly set Android phones ahead of the game. Apple's upcoming iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 are rumored to be without NFC.

Currently, Visa and ISIS are also planning to launch their mobile payments systems before the end of this year. What do you think about mobile payments in general? Will you be one of the first to adopt this new method of purchasing?

[via Bloomberg]