Google Stadia captures go live on web for some

Ever since Stadia launched last year, Google has been building out the service's capabilities. Not only does this mean that more games are being added to the Stadia Store – Google says we'll see 120 games come to Stadia within 2020 – but it also means that Google has been padding out Stadia's feature list. Today, it seems, support for Stadia screen captures are going live, albeit slowly.

This functionality was first spotted by Reddit user prabjots07, who promptly posted about it to the Stadia subreddit. If you're a Stadia user, heading over to the Stadia Captures webpage should show a chronological list of your game captures, whether those are screenshots or video clips.

Stadia Base users can store 100 30-second long clips, while Stadia Pro users are allowed 500 clips with the same time restrictions. In both cases, users can store unlimited screenshots. While captures have been accessible in the iOS and Android app, this is the first time they've been accessible on web browsers. The captures page on the Stadia site also allows you to download and delete captures.

If you've clicked that link to the Stadia Captures webpage and you don't see anything yet, you're certainly not alone. That Reddit post is filled with people saying that the link doesn't work for them, so it seems that Google is rolling out this functionality slowly. That's nothing out of the ordinary for the big G, so if you don't see your captures on web yet, keep checking that webpage periodically.

Google recently revealed that all four games in the SteamWorld franchise are heading to Stadia this year, with two of them already available as free titles for Stadia Pro subscribers. In addition, details about Stadia Base recently surfaced during a closer look at the Stadia app. We'll see if Google makes an official announcement about captures on the web, so stay tuned for more.