Google ships LEGO bricks to Project Fi users [UPDATE]

Those relative few of you on Google's cellular network business Project Fi should be receiving an odd package in the mail this week. What's inside, you might ask? Why, LEGO bricks, of course. A set of LEGO* bricks that, when put together correctly, create a phone stand for your device. Encouragement for the next generation of Google-made smartphones is also included in the box in the form of a USB-C to USB Standard A Plug Cable. How handy!*UPDATE: It's become VERY apparent that this box does not actually include LEGO-branded building bricks. A couple of the photos we'd been looking at had LEGO bricks added to the mix, while most bricks have their own "Fi" branding. Google is sending a box of bricks they've made themselves, not LEGO – though, as you can see, they fit with the LEGO bricks just fine.

We might expect the USB-C cord to be a reminder not to purchase off-brand or lesser-brand cables, especially since some newer cables haven't been up-to-snuff as of late. Project Fi: is it right for you? This cord is a fairly standard length – just long enough to reach a nightstand top from your wall outlet – basically the same cable you get if you purchase a Nexus 6P.

Since the Nexus 5X does not come with a cable such as this, it's possible Google is pushing the connection to everyone that doesn't yet have a Nexus 6P (or whatever comes next).

The LEGO bricks are delivered in some relatively non-standard colors, coming in the green, blue, and yellow (and white) of Google's Project Fi branding. Connect them to drop your phone in a fancy stand beside your couch.

Google adds the message "Thanks for your support. Let's build on this." as well. The photos you see above come from the Google+ Project Fi group.