Google reveals Gladstone, Missouri as next on Fiber list

In case you missed the last few, Google has gotten the go-ahead to roll out its Fiber Internet service in a couple cities this month, and now another has been added to the list – Gladstone, Missouri. Like the other cities, Gladstone's City Council had to approve the service, which it did earlier today, according to Google Fiber Community Manager Rachel Hack.

Google didn't have much of anything else to say on the matter, simply repeating the same rhetoric it gives every time about the actual roll out in the city not coming for awhile while it plans, engineers, and establishes its network in the city. There's no reason to believe the pricing or service will be different than other locations where it is available and is slated for availability in the future.

On May 8, Google made a similar announcement, revealing that Grandview, Missouri had been added to the list where its service was approved and would be added at a future date. The same goes for Swanee, Kansas, which was announced on May 3, adding it to the list that already included Mission Woods, Olathe, and Westwood/Westwood Hills.

Such announcements have been slightly smoother rolling than the revelation that Google Fiber was heading for Provo, Utah, revealed back in April. Unlike other areas set to get the service, Google will be using an established fiber network rather than installing its own. The deal was set to go through for an initial purchase price of $1, which eventually was okay'd alongside a variety of other requirements.

While Google's service has been getting a lot of attention, it isn't the only gigabit Internet offering out there. In Japan, for example, Sony is offering residents in Tokyo 2Gbps service for the equivalent of about $50 monthly. ISPs in the US have been ramping up their offerings as a response to Fiber, such as Vermont's gigabit service priced at $35 monthly.

SOURCE: Google Fiber Blog