Google Recorder now lets you upload and search like Google Photos

Google Recorder got a bump this week with a web interface for search. This means the Google Recorder system is an audio recording and playing interface with a cloud-based storage system. This makes it effectively the same as Google Photos. At the moment, the official Google Recorder app is only supposed to work on Google Pixel smartphones.

Google Recorder is an audio recorder app that uses machine learning and some of the same technology used to recognize speech with Google Assistant. It uses this technology to translate recorded audio into recognizable speech, sentences, and searchable text. This is the sort of app and recorder system that students in lecture halls dream of – now it works with a cloud storage system, too.

Above you'll see a video released back in October of 2020. It's called "Why would a recording app win 'best app of the year?'" It shows how "Recorder for Google Pixel" works and acts – or acted as of October of 2020. It'll likely change and grow with new features in the near future, too.

Once you start using Recorder and allow the app to upload to the cloud, you'll have a library of sound files. Those sound files will be connected with text that you can search with the greatest of ease. The sound files take up space in your overall Google account, so you'll want to be aware of how large each file is and how much of an impact it'll have on your account.

Take a peek at the timeline below to learn more about Recorder and the Google storage system at large. This is only the latest way in which Google hopes you'll take advantage of their ecosystem and remain tied to said system not only because it's futuristic, helpful, and fun, but because it'd be a whole lot of effort to switch to anything else.