Google Project Glass reveals its camcorder quality

The first video sample from Google's Project Glass wearable augmented-reality headset has emerged, with the team behind the digital eyewear sharing more examples of what you can film when you have your hands free. The clip, which you can see after the cut, is of an unnamed Googler flipping on a trampoline while Project Glass clings admirably to his head and films the whole thing.

"This one makes us a little queasy," the team wrote in its Google+ gallery, "but our prototype nailed what it's like to be on a trampoline." It's certainly something that would be harder with a handheld camera, though head-mounted camcorders such as from GoPro are available in the wild.

The clip itself is a short 15 seconds, available at up to 720p resolution. That suggests Project Glass tops out at 1280 x 720 resolution for video recording, though with all the current units being developmental prototypes, it's unclear whether that might be the case for any final commercial release or, indeed, if all units share the same specs today.

Google has been gradually ramping up its public displays of Project Glass, with a recent demo of the photo functionality on stage at a tech event, and Larry Paige bringing the headset to England on a visit earlier this month. The company has still declined to give any indication of release timescale.

[via The Verge]