Google Profits sag at Motorola losses

While the final outcome for Google is another massively successful quarter with $3.35 billion net income, Motorola has once again turned up as a sore spot. Motorola's losses this quarter totaled a staggering $271 million, this comparing to a losses one year ago this same period set at $86 million. While it would, given just those results, appear that Motorola is a whole lot worse off with Google at the helm, the quarter immediately preceding the one just reported sits right up at the top with $353 million lost.

The situation is that Google is at a rather interesting place with Motorola, having made it clear that the company is still at a point where they're running through products planned well before the big G began their ownership and promising big things in the near future. The quarter one year ago (shown above) was the last in which Motorola reported earnings as a stand-alone company. Now that Google owns them, they've entered a bit of a new age.

With Google continuing to bring the heat with their Nexus line of Android smartphones and tablet and the Motorola line of smartphones continuing to look more and more like Google-made products each new generation, we can expect big things from both companies in the near future. Once the Motorola lineup begins to be wholly Google-run, it's quite likely that their combined forces will bring some new and exciting products to the market.

The biggest rumor to be floating about the Motorola mobile universe as of late is the fabled "X Phone". This device is said to be much more of a Google-influenced device and will, if ever revealed, place Motorola in a prime position for Nexus-height success. Have a peek at our Motorola tag portal for more information on what's come recently and what'll be appearing soon!

[via Google]