Google Play updated for Tablet-sized screenshots

Those of you working with a tablet in the Android universe know that it's been a long, hard road from the first Samsung Galaxy Tab. Here in 2013 we're finally about to see tablet-sized thumbnails for apps for the first time – before now, it was all teeny tiny smartphone-sized business. Just as soon as developer jump onboard and start delivering the shots, we'll be seeing the good stuff!

Today's update to the Android Developers blog has interest being shown in both 7 and 10-inch tablets for the Google Play app store. While the tablet interface for looking at apps in Google Play has been up and running for some time, this particular update will have the preview screenshots for apps able to be seen correctly and in full size. This updates follows a tablet app quality checklist which was published this past October.

Developers will be working with their standard Google Play Developer Console to upload full-sized screenshots the same way they'd have uploaded phone-sized screenshots in the past. Where before there was only on place to upload screenshots, there's now several. You'll find one for Phones, another for 7-inch tablets, and a third for 10-inch tablets.

At the moment there's no real in-between since those three standard sizes cover the vast majority of Android tablet screen real-estate at this very moment. Have a peek at the Google Play app store right now at your favorite tablet-optimized app and see if they've made with the switch!