Google Play reaches 700,000 Android apps

Apple's iTunes App Store has hundreds of thousands of apps to choose, and it's one of the company's main selling points for the iPhone and iPad. However, according to Bloomberg, Google said yesterday that they have closed in on the 700,000 mark for the number of Android apps in the Google Play store, which is right up there with the iTunes App Store.

Google has been working hard to lure developers into developing more apps for Android devices, and the company is making a push for better tablet apps, something that Apple has had an edge on ever since the company released the iPad in 2010. Hopefully with better proprietary tablet apps in the future, Google can look to overtake Apple in the tablet app ecosystem.

Yesterday, Google unveiled the Nexus 10 tablet, which features a 10-inch display and features a pixel-dense 2560x1600 resolution, which beats the iPad's 2048x1536 Retina display. They also unveiled at 32GB Nexus 7 along with 3G capabilities. Google's dedication to tablets is growing, so it only makes sense that their dedication to Android tablet apps grows as well.

However, Apple has argued that their iOS operating system leads to more sales than other mobile operating systems. Apple announced last week that it has paid around $6.5 billion to app developers since the iTunes App Store was launched in 2008. That's quite impressive, but the number of Android apps in the Google Play might be a good reference that Google is doing something right as well for its developers.

[via Bloomberg]