Google Play Music headed to iOS

Today in a much more official manner than we've been experiencing thus far, Google Music has been announced to be coming to iOS. It's been announced by Google's Android head Sundar Pichai just this morning at the D11 conference where he's also dropped the bomb: the HTC One Google Edition. So as Android gets a gift of that silver hardware with Nexus innards, iOS gains Google Music, Google Music All Access, and a rather significant competitor to iTunes.

It should be surprising to you to see Google Music being sent to iOS, readers. It wasn't long ago that it appeared that Google Music was made for Android only – allowing Android users to hold this experience as their own while Apple did the same with iTunes. But here it is – official and coming in "about a month" according to Pichai.

At the moment it's not clear exactly what kind of user interface will be presented in this iOS access to Google Music. While Pichai was clear that their teams were "working like crazy" to bring All Access to iOS, the Google Play store's ability to sell music to iOS users was not exactly confirmed.

It wouldn't be unfounded at this point, on the other hand, as Pichai was also clear about their goals to keep their services "universally accessible." When asked when the Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 apps would be coming, Pichai essentially said that they'd have to wait until they had enough users to constitute development.

"We want to reach as many people as possible. For platforms that don't have that many users at scale, we have great HTML5 apps. If they get more users, we will make apps." – Sundar Pichai

Sound alright to you Windows users? The comments above were also in response to BlackBerry as much as Windows Phone – when will there be enough of a user base to bring Google back to BlackBerry?

SOURCE: AllThingsD