Google Pixel parody details Nexus 6 still-great 2-year-old abilities

Google Pixel's newest video advertisement was the subject of a parody this week. This parody showed features of Google's hero phone of 2014: the Motorola-made Nexus 6. This video used the same music as Google's newest ad spot as it pointed out how this phone has been abandoned. In this spot the Nexus 6 feels both awesome for still being high-end and crappy for having less-than-best specs.

This is not the first time a parody of a modern smartphone advertisement has popped up. It does, meanwhile, seem to be the first time an ad parody has centered on an older version of a phone instead of a new. Here the many concerns of the varied Nexus 6 owners around the world become addressed one by one.

The video above comes from Superior Sandbox. Below you'll see the original video which the video above parodies.

While the Nexus 6 remains a good value at the prices it's available at now, Google no longer sells it. Motorola no longer makes smartphones that look like the Nexus 6. Google has moved on to the Pixel brand for smartphones and tablets, and the Nexus 6 has been all but left behind.

Pricing for the new Pixel XL begins at $799, while the Nexus 6's original price was $649. That's quite a bit of difference when it comes to paying one flat fee.

Google says the Nexus 6 has just reached its end of guaranteed Android version updates cycle. October 2016 is also the end of Android version updates for the Nexus 5 and the Nexus 9. The Nexus 5X and 6P remain guaranteed to get Android version updates until September of 2017.

It's difficult to say if the video above means to criticize Google's Nexus phone line... or if it's the opposite. The new Pixel XL does cost a pretty penny, but once you've tried it even for a few minutes, you'll know why. Touch responsiveness and a best-in-class camera are only the tip of the iceberg.