Google Pixel 5A tipped canned thanks to chip shortage [UPDATE]

If you've been waiting for another Google Pixel "A" device here in 2021, it might be time for a tiny disappointment. The latest leak from Google suggests that worldwide chip shortages have claimed their latest victim in the device code-named Barbet. This would likely have been titled Google Pixel 5A, a device that'd replace the Google Pixel 4A and Pixel 4A 5G.

Per the leak via Jon Prosser and separately confirmed by Android Central, Pixel 5A will not appear in Google's 2021 lineup. The Google Pixel 4A and Google Pixel 4A 5G will "continue to be sold throughout 2021" instead. As both device are still legitimately decent at capturing photos and have the hardware to remain suitable for modern users for years to come.

The Google Pixel "A" line will very likely continue into the future – it'll just be another season before we see the next model. This is not unprecedented when it comes to lesser models, as proven by companies like Apple, OnePlus, and Samsung.

This could potentially lead to lower prices for the rest of the Google Pixel smartphone lineup before they'd normally have a price reduction with the release of the next major Pixel. Given that chip shortages are significant enough to cancel the release of one smartphone, it's possible that this could affect the company's entire Pixel release calendar.

Otherwise, if Google's Pixel reveal and release date schedule holds, we're still expecting the Google Pixel 6 to be revealed in early October 2021. The release of the device (or device lineup) would then fall to late October, 2021.

UPDATE: A Google statement was released to the contrary of what was reported earlier. This has been a strange journey already today, and it's barely even lunch time!

Meanwhile reports suggest Apple is feeling the pinch of this chip shortage for their iPad and MacBook lineup, while Xiaomi devices might very well respond to their side of the chip shortage with price hikes. Samsung's side of the story seems to be the potential axing of the Samsung Galaxy Note 21 – imagine that!