Google Photos update adds free storage codes

Chris Burns - Jan 18, 2018, 1:11 pm CST
Google Photos update adds free storage codes

This week the folks at Google released a new version of their photos app, Google Photos. Android users will likely be first in the update line for a number of new features, including the most important one: free stuff support. Everyone loves free stuff, and Google knows how everyone loves free stuff, so they’ve added more free stuff to Google Photos.

In the depths of the code can be found references to code redemption. Discovered by Android Police, this one most important feature looks to be implemented immediately if not soon. Inside the code was found details of code redemption, including what’ll be offered first, and maybe only.

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Users with the code will be able to “Redeem code to get free storage for original quality content uploaded from this device.” That’ll likely be for any Android device, but it’s possible this code entry COULD be applied to an iOS version of Google Photos too – we’ve yet to confirm. Codes will need to be applied when the device in question is connected to the internet.

Code within the Google Photos app this week was discovered to include references to “Free Storage,” including “Photos and videos uploaded from this device before (date) will be stored in original quality for free.” Of course there’ll be disclaimers.

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Disclaimers were discussed here on SlashGear quite a while ago, actually. The basics of the full size storage situation in Google Photos came up more than once, and for more than just Google Pixel devices.

In particular, I encourage you to have a peek at the article entitled: Why Google Pixel 2 may become Priceless. It’s all about how the first Google Pixel had unlimited Google Photos storage… seemingly forever. So you might want to take advantage of that before nobody wants to sell their Pixel ever again.

Google Photos was also discovered to bring new support to phones with SD cards. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the next Google Pixel device will have SD card storage – but you never know! Google could pull a fast one on us and introduce a phone unlike any they’ve produced any time recently.

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