Google Music transfer to YouTube Music one-click transfer site launched

Today Google released a wave of emails to users of their original Google Music service. In these emails, they explained how users should transfer their Google Music account – and the music therein – to a new YouTube Music account. This transfer was revealed as a simple one-click process, a required process because of the User Info that, inevitably, comes along for the ride.

Google owns Google Music, Google owns YouTube Music. Google still needs you to tap a button to transfer your data from one place to the other. This is largely being done to avoid any legal mishaps that might happen if old Google Music users unexpectedly find their music appearing on YouTube Music, though they'd never signed up for YouTube Music as such.

This transfer process is also in place to avoid any unnecessary data storage on Google's part. While it's possible that the majority of Google Music users that've uploaded songs to the service are still using the service, there's a far greater chance that there are massive stores of songs that've not been touched for months, or years. This is a good way for Google to empty their trash, basically.

UPDATE 2: To transfer your Google Music songs to YouTube Music, you'll need to head over to the official transfer page at YouTube Music. This system's set to transfer your Music recommendations, playlists, stations, likes and dislikes, uploads, purchases, albums, and songs in your library.

Once you've tapped the button, you'll find a message that says "Transferring your library may take a few hours." That's assuming you've got a relatively sizable library in the first place. My "Music recommendations" was complete approximately 2 seconds after the page opened because I've made zero recommendations, but the other four items are spinning... probably for the rest of the day. It does not appear that the webpage needs to remain open while the transfer is made – it's on Google's side of the internet, after all.

UPDATE: Google's sent a bunch of emails to the last holdouts that've not yet transferred from Google Music to YouTube Music. It's easier now than it was in the past – one button, done! See the video below? It's easier than that now. Fewer buttons!