Google Music Store screenshots surface, Sony and Warner included

Despite news to the contrary, it appears that all four big music labels here in the USA will be onboard with Google's new Music store, that is if screenshots that've appeared just this morning via TechnoDroidVE are to be believed. What you're about to see here is a set of what appear to be screenshots of Google Music or Google's Music Store, whatever it'll end up being called, it appearing very much to be a continuation of what Google has in place with its Android Market, complete with a wide selection of artists on all four giant music labels rather than missing Sony and Warner – we'll find out exactly what the true situation is this Wednesday at the "These Go to Eleven" event in California.

What's most important in these screenshots is the fact that, first, the track prices are very comparable to iTunes. Two: that it appears that there's a wide range of artists on board including such big names as Green Day and Shakira. Then there's the fact that those two artists are signed to labels which we've previously heard would not be onboard with the program from the start. Shakira is signed with Sony music, while Green day is signed with Reprise Records which is a subsidiary of Warner Music. This could mean one of two things: either these screenshots are completely faked, or Google has done a great feat in getting all four labels to sign right off the bat.

You'll also see a Free Song of the Day program in place alongside gobs of information on the bands and tracks included. This could be another great opportunity for musicians to get their name spread out like peanut butter on the toast that is the world of music-hungry consumers, but note that we've heard no word quite yet on revenue sharing for artists involved. We've gotta guess that labels will continue to be the middle-men that they have been in this digital music revolution started earlier in the decade, and that unsigned bands and artists will be scant at the launch.

Find out all the final details on Wednesday, November 16th as we cover the event live!

[via Android Community]