Google Music integrates with Android Market for digital MP3 sales

This week at the "These Go To Eleven" event in Los Angeles, California, Google has revealed that they will begin digital sales of music through the Android Market with Google Music. This announcement puts Google in what they hope will be direct competition with the giants of online music sales such as iTunes, but places the ability to purchase music right alongside their apps, books, and video sales. This event, mind you, took place at Mr Brainwash Studios, this fellow Mr Brainwash the guy you may know well from the graffiti artist Banksy's film "Exit Through the Giftshop" – his artwork strewn about the walls.

Director of Digital Content for Android at Google mister Jamie Rosenberg started the set by mentioning how Google Music Beta was initiated this summer and has been a great success thus far, complete with free tracks from an assortment of artists as they went. The beta program, Rosenberg mentioned, ends today and continues to be free for everybody. Rosenberg took a shot at Apple by saying something that some people thing you should have to pay to listen to the music you already own – ouch!

Once you've loaded all of your music to the cloud, you can pin it to any device. If you pin it to the device you've got, you can access it offline. No internet connection needed.

In addition to these features with Google Music, there's the Google Music on the Android Market. There's 320 kbs downloads for each track, and 90 second previews for each song. You've got recommendations based on the music you've already purchased as well as all the music you've got in your Music library. Your music is stored in the cloud and is downloadable for offline listening on whatever device you like. Check out the shots of the store and the interface for Google Music as it looks today, then stick around as we continue to cover this event!