Google MODE made to snap-and-swap for Android (Wear)

It would appear that Google would like to get out ahead of the masses when it comes to "plug and play" for hardware. Not just for smartphones. They've got a program in the works for that, too – no, this "MODE" they speak of is for hardware only. Not electronics. Made to attach to electronics, of course, but hardware in and of itself. The first wave of Google's MODE brand is made for Android Wear devices. A series of straps have been made to snap in and out with extreme ease.

What you're about to see first is a very simple showing of how you'll be adjusting your Android Wear devices to make way for MODE. Take out that old pin. Put in the pin that'll let you swap quick. Easy peasy.

Next you'll see one of Google's super fanciful videos showing all the different colors of MODE Android Wear watch straps that'll be available right from the start. These straps will be available through the Google Store online as well as through big retailers like Best Buy et. all.

The next video is very similar, one called "MODE: A band for every moment." This is the start of something much larger than Android Wear, much more colorful than just a batch of watch bands.

To be fair, for NOW, Google is only revealing the watch bands themselves. I expect that the brand MODE will be expanded to a much more diverse set of accessories and plug-and-play (or snap-and-swap) components for mobile devices in the near future.

We might even see Project ARA turn in to MODE before it's pushed to the public. How simple. How fabulous. How much I want that to end up being true. Look at this brand – it may be Google's flag signaling the way to the post-modern smartphone as we don't yet know it!