Google Maps native app for iOS 6 screenshots leak

We know a native app for Google Maps is coming to iOS at some point, we just don't know when. The latest rumor is that we'll see it by the end of the year, and hopefully that's true, but we're sort of just taking things with a grain of salt until we get some solid evidence. In the meantime, a couple of screenshots from the upcoming Google Maps app have leaked.

First off, they're mostly blurry and cropped quite a bit, so there's not really a lot of details that we can gather just from the screenshots themselves. They mostly just show off the search bar at the top and a really blurry image of what looks to be a portion of either the turn-by-turn navigation or just directions.

However, San Francisco-based web developer Ben Guilds says that Google's new Maps app will be vector-based, and will have two-finger adjustment to any angle and zoom level. He also mentions that the app is "super fast" and will support the iPhone 5's larger 4-inch display. If the real app turns out to be anything like this, Apple is sure to have competition to its own maps offering.

Again, the leaked screenshots really don't give us a lot of details on what to expect, but Cult of Mac actually put together a full-screen mockup of the native Google Maps app based on the leaked screenshots, which gives us a glimpse as to what the user interface might look like. In the meantime, you could try out the Google Maps iOS 6 hack if you have a jailbroken device.