Apple Maps spurs full Google Maps app

Soon you'll be able to download your very own entirely Google-made version of Google Maps for iOS, this time not having Google on the back end of the Apple interface you've seen since the iPhone was launched. This new version will be released soon, with Google executive Jeff Huber speaking up this week on the subject with a simple "we look forward to providing amazing Google Maps experiences on iOS."

Apple announced and demonstrated their own version of GPS mapping with the tentatively titled Apple Maps, this being the first time Apple wasn't relying solely on Google for all of their mapping needs. Apple's new system will rely instead on TomTom-based backend mapping data, and will include new features such as the rather impressive looking Flyover 3D rendering of the planet.

This first Google-pushed Google Maps application for iOS will likely make a stab at Navigation now that Apple Maps will have the same functionality, and will almost certainly be a free download as well. Have a peek at our timeline below to see all there is to see on Apple's new mapping initiative, and get ready for a map war!

[via Google+]