Google Maps for iOS approval not likely, claim sources

We've known for quite a while now that Google was working on their own Google Maps app for iOS. We've seen leaked screenshots, and we've even heard rumors that the app is expected to arrive within the end of the year. However, according to multiple sources working closely with Google, the app will have a tough time getting past Apple's approval wall.

The sources say that Google is "not optimistic" about Apple approving a dedicated Google Maps app for iOS, and the company does not have high hopes that the app will ever get approved. Obviously, the sources say that the app is in development and should be ready soon, but that's only if in "the unlikely event" that Apple will approve the app.

Apple's latest mobile operating system, iOS 6, released in September, and it resulted in the ousting of Google Maps in favor of the company's own in-house mapping solution. Right off the bat, diehard Google Maps fans were disappointed, but the feelings became worse as numerous complaints about Apple Maps made their way around.

Not to a lot of users' surprise, Apple left out a few specific maps apps when they featured a handful of mapping solutions in the iTunes App Store a few weeks ago. Apple left out any maps app that used the Google Maps API, so we definitely feel that Apple won't take it lightly when they see a Google Maps iOS app show up in their approval queue at some point in the future, so don't hold your breath quite yet.

[via The Guardian]