Google Maps, Chrome, YouTube offline support extended in a big way

Google goes offline in multiple respects with apps like Google Maps, Chrome, and YouTube. Android will soon have a version of Chrome that'll allow you to save a webpage for offline viewing. That's the simplest update here of the three. While YouTube offline support launched with YouTube Music, there's also going to be a feature here for all users that'll allow you to keep a YouTube video saved offline – to your phone – for 48 hours. How great will that be for long car rides? Super great.

This YouTube Offline feature will be available on all Androids with version 4.4 and higher in the near future. That's KitKat – no Android M needed, for now. Then there's Google Maps. Google Maps has had SOME offline support – sort of – for some time. Now it's getting a bit more official.

Google Maps will have an offline mode – you'll have to download the maps of your choose. You'll be getting offline data for places along your chosen route, like reviews of locations and open hours.

You'll also be getting turn-by-turn directions along your way.

Offline Maps will be coming to users "later this year." That'll be worldwide, not just in the United States.

Stick around our Android hub for more information on these awesome developments at Google I/O 2015 throughout the week!