Google “Made with Code” tackles girls in tech

Chris Davies - Jun 19, 2014
Google “Made with Code” tackles girls in tech

Google is challenging the paucity of women in tech, launching Made with Code alongside MIT Media Lab, Girl Scouts of the USA, and several other organizations to encourage girls to get involved in coding. Along with a $50m fund to support programs, the new scheme puts together projects designed to appeal to young women, such as making tumblr-worthy animated GIFs, putting together music tracks, and designing 3D printed jewelry.

Accompanying the projects are case studies about women using technology to be successful. For instance, Google has interviews with Ebony “WondaGurl” Oshunrinde, who has worked with Jay-Z on tracks, and Maddy Maxey, who uses technology for fashion.

The scheme includes programs and support information for parents and teachers, helping them get up to speed too, and there’ll be a community section too. That’s on Google+, of course, but also in the real-world, with workshops, “app camps”, and other classes.

Google’s $50m pot is expected to last over the next three years as it and others push computer science. At the core of the scheme is Blockly, Google’s own web-based, graphical programming system, which we’ve already seen used in home robotics.

To begin with, girls interested in the program can design a 3D bracelet and have it printed by Shapeways and sent to them; initially, Google will be covering the cost itself.

SOURCE Google Made with Code

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