Google made fun of iPhone’s lack of jack

Chris Burns - Aug 3, 2017, 4:47 pm CDT
Google made fun of iPhone’s lack of jack

Google’s next set of Pixel smartphones were rumored today to be designed without a headphone jack. Since that rumor sprang this morning, one of Google’s first Pixel ads have gone viral. The ad pokes fun as Apple’s release of an iPhone with no headphone jack as they released their own device with a headphone jack intact. Things got ironic.

You may have seen this video spot before. Google originally released this advertisement video segment in October of 2016 with a brief mention of the situation: “3.55mm headphone jack satisfyingly not new”. Back then, Apple was under significant internet-based (at least) scrutiny for releasing an iPhone sans a standard headphone jack. Right around that time, several other Android-based smartphones followed suit.

Here in August of the year 2017, we’ve heard from a couple different sources that the next set of two Google Pixel phones will lack the jack that they laughed at. Or laughed about. And Apple and iPhone-loving jack-haters can have a hearty giggle if they do so choose. This is one giggle that’s giggle-worthy for all fans of smartphones – Android and iOS alike.

Meanwhile Google hasn’t actually confirmed anything about their next smartphones. Rumors and insider tips over the past few weeks (and months) suggest that the next release from Google will include two Pixel smartphones, similar to the release set in the first generation of Pixel phones. The smaller device will be similar to the original Pixel, while the larger Pixel XL might well be just a bit bigger than it was in the first round.

And I swear to god, Google, if you release your next Pixels without headphone jacks, I can’t even. Look at the collection of leaks and tidbits about the next couple of Pixel phones in the timeline below and see what you make of them!

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