Google Knowledge Graph goes global

This week the folks at Google have announced that their smart engine known as Knowledge Graph will be launched worldwide for English-typing people using Google Search. What you'll be getting here is a set of results in your auto-complete results as well as your search results page that pre-empt what you want to search for – these results see not only the keyword you've typed, but what you've searched for in the past and the types of answers you're looking for, mashing them all up into a next-generation system for search supremacy.

What you're going to start seeing everywhere around the world – no matter where you're accessing the internet from, that is, is auto-complete results popping down from your search engine bar. These results see that you've typed a subject and expands upon that subject with possible complete phrases or titles. This isn't the newest functionality in the world – but answering questions is.

Once you've found the subject you're looking for – or more often the right spelling, as it were – you're off to the races. Above you'll see two screens – one with the Knowledge Graph results you get to the right of your query, the other with a carousel of results based on the search query. Obviously these elements work best with terms such as historical figures, physical locations, and the like, but all is possible.

The carousel interface will be appearing in your search results tomorrow along with results around the world based on location. If you've searched for spaghetti in your home town, you'll get results of news articles about spaghetti from your home town's newspaper and you'll get restaurant results near you as well. This update will be rolled out to the world this week, with the major bit of it popping up tomorrow – start your search engines, race fans!