Google overhauls search with new knowledge graph

Google announced today that it will be overhauling its search in the next few days to incorporate what they call a knowledge graph. The new format places context-sensitive information about the search to the right of of the list of conventional search results. Those contextual results will allow users to more quickly drill down to what they're looking for.

Google's director of product management, Johanna Wright, explained that the new feature would prompt users to indicate more precisely what they're searching for. For instance, a search for "kings" might be for the television show, the Sacramento Kings basketball team or the Los Angeles Kings hockey team. Users selects which one is relevant to their search and the results will automatically filter out results related to other meanings of the word.

The knowledge graph that appears on the right side of the search results will display all the most basic information about a certain query. For example, a search for architect Frank Lloyd Wright would yield his basic biographical information, links to buildings he designed, and even suggest links to similar architects.

The new knowledge graph format is aimed at boosting Google's "time to result" performance in search so that users can get to the answers they're looking for faster. The changes are expected to roll out within the next few days.

[via PCAdvisor]