Google just fixed their fatal Android Wear problem

Chris Burns - Jul 9, 2014
Google just fixed their fatal Android Wear problem

If you are one of the few early owners of an Android Wear device out there this week, you may already be aware of your inability to install paid apps. While all free apps have installed to Android Wear devices normally, apps requiring pay from Google Play would not install at all. Until today.

Google has initiated a fix – but more of a workaround – for developers to fix their paid apps for Android Wear. We’ll be expecting this to be worked into Android Wear implicitly in the future, but for now, the fix is relatively simple.

Developers will want to head to the newest Android Developers article and see the four-step process. This includes creating a new wearable_app_desc.xml file, adding a note about how this app is indeed able to work with Android Wear … and that’s essentially it.

“We’re working to make this easier for you in the future,” says Google, “and we apologize for the inconvenience.”

For those of you on the consumer side – don’t fret. There are only a select few paid apps out there at the moment that work with Android Wear, and it’s certainly fair to guess that they’ll all be fixed by the time you get your Android Wear device anyway.

Have a peek at our Android Wear Review for more information on the software and the hardware you’ll be rolling with soon!

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