Android Wear apps misfire: paid installs broken (for now)

Chris Burns - Jul 7, 2014, 4:55pm CDT
Android Wear apps misfire: paid installs broken (for now)

If you’ve somehow attained your Android Wear device in the mail already, you may have noticed a bug. The first and second software builds of Android Wear have a bit of a break in them, not allowing paid apps to function on the wearable devices at all.

If you’ve created an app that requires a user pay for download, you’ve likely run in to some dissatisfied customers. You’ll want to let them know that Google is (almost certainly) working on the situation and that you are (probably) not at fault as a developer.

The bit you see below is what developers are asked to do when creating an app that functions with Android Wear. Simple enough – but this isn’t the issue.

The issue lies with Google’s App Encryption. Instead of functioning as it should – on the device the app is installed on – the trip between the phone and the wearable does not take. The same issue arises when an app – paid or free – is compressed more than once before it’s published to Google Play.

What can you do?

If you’re a developer – wait.
If you’ve just purchased an app – wait.

Don’t freak out, and don’t put up a fuss with the developer who created the app. A fix will arrive soon – Google wouldn’t let something like this slide for long.

VIA: Android Police

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