Google I/O 2013 behind-the-scenes preview tour: we're here!

It's day zero at Google I/O 2013, the company's developer event made for and by developer groups and Google to strengthen their world of software, services, and everything in-between. SlashGear has gotten the opportunity to step behind-the-scenes at this event on registration day – that is, the day before everything begins. Here we'll begin to explore what's actually at the event with the hard evidence that only comes from on-site investigation right in the midst of the big setup.

The Moscone Center once again plays host to Google I/O with an experience on the first of three floors that's quite similar to 2012. This year attendees are given their official badges and T-shirts in a center console where Google employees are charged with scanning QR-codes and making sure everyone is who they say they are.

A massive Google I/O sign rests against the main wall of the center with a color-changing I and O, cycling through blues and pinks in a comforting haze. We're wondering where these massive 3D letters go once the week is over – perhaps a special giveaway on a letter-by-letter basis?

The ground level also holds a pop-up Google Store where attendees can purchase various Google-branded oddities. Bags, clothing, cases, and toys are in effect. This store encourages – as it did in 2012 – users to utilize their Google Wallet to purchase the goods.

On the second floor (or first floor, if you're German), you'll find a massive Google+ presence where users are encouraged to sign-in with the social network. A deck with Office Hours is set up for developers to learn how they might integrate Google+ into their own software. This area has a series of live hang-out portals which we're sure will be popping up this week.

This level is dedicated to several Google services and Google partners, each of them set up to present to any developer – or press member, or anyone else in attendance – that wishes to learn more.

BONUS FIND: here you'll see an unopened box of special-edition Android collectable figures from Dead Zebra. We promise we didn't peek!Google Glass has its own section on level 2, users able to have a peek at the current iteration of the device as well as participate in talks on the future of the device. We're expecting more information on the future of the headset in the main keynote address in the morning as well as in more than one chat later in the week.

You'll find Glass being set aside in a massive section all its own on this level, mind you, while items like Google Maps are part of a series of towers up the center of the room. The amount of space Glass gets here says a lot about how important the device is to the company.

Up on the top level of the center, Google has made a massive show of both Android and Chrome. To one side, attendees are greeted by flying Androids and their floor-bound kin in a display not unlike what we saw at Mobile World Congress 2012 and 2011. It seems that this location has become the heart of the Android press event presentation – and perhaps rightfully so.

Turn around 360 degrees and you'll find a fabulous display – not yet turned on, as it were – of Chrome. One setup shows the highest-end Chrome OS hardware to date in an array that'll certainly be a sight to behold once it's turned on.

Three large semi-transparent displays show Chrome in an impressive display that'll certainly play host to some shows of power for both the web browser and the operating system.

Androids large and small – but mostly large – litter the top level in both complete and nearly complete states. A massive pair of black-framed glasses remain wet with paint less than a day before the main event is set to begin. An eye-bursting array of pink and blue squares blasts in a checkerboard grid above the fray. It's here that the fun will begin soon – and very soon.

Have a peek at SlashGear's Google I/O tag portal for more information on this array of Google action taking place Wednesday the 15th of May, 2013, till Friday. If you're pumped up about any specific session or event, send us a note – we'd be glad to have a peek at it and report back to you, our valued readers!

Pay close attention starting tomorrow morning at 8AM PST in-particular – the big keynote event will be covered piece-by-piece right here on SlashGear!

BONUS: We're on-site with and through Glass as well. Have a peek at a couple videos filmed by Vincent Nguyen with Google's headset here and let us know what you think of the method and the quality.

Above you'll find a general layout look at the first level of Google I/O 2013 and below you'll hear a bit of information from the BBC's own Rory Cellan-Jones. He'll let you know exactly what he thinks about the gadget world and how important Glass is to it – stay tuned – #throughglass!