Google IO 2012 dates announced

It's the biggest Google developer event of the year, Google IO, and it feels like we were just there, but next year's dates have been announced already! The 2012 Google IO event will be taking place on April 24th through the 25th and will be housed at the fabulous Moscone Center West in San Francisco, California. Heat! Bring your Easter baskets and put those Android bunny ears on because by that time, it'll be a whole different game on the mobile operating system front for the big G. Add that date to your calendar folks, we'll be there without a doubt!

Registration dates for the event will be coming soon, with details still rather scant as far as who's going to be speaking there and what'll exactly be going on on the floor. You can check out our gigantic [Google IO portal] for information on what's been revealed in years past, especially 2011 where Ice Cream Sandwich was announced formally for the first time! Look at that logo! Then of course there were the freebies!

There was a free Galaxy Tab 10.1 before it was released to the public, we saw Vic Guntotra opening his Galaxy Tab for the first time, free Chromebooks for everybody, and much, much more. What was once a place for developers to giggle about codes is now an internationally followed event. Why? Because it's where all the makers and the doers go and speak about what's coming to everything Google!

Seeya there!