Google Inbox invites opened to public

Want to know how you're going to get in on Google's alternative to Gmail with the app called Inbox? Wonder no more, fair citizens, Google is opening the flood gates this afternoon. Between the hours of 3PM and 4PM Pacific Time, you'll only have to send an mail to Google at inbox (at) google (dot) com requesting an invite. They seem to have an automated system set up to accept invites and grant them by 5PM, also Pacific Time – promised, as if by magic.

According to Google, this is what's known as Inbox Happy Hour. One hour where everyone can grab their Inbox invite and pull. Just as it was when the line began, so too shall it be when you get in and start to play.

Inbox is not a replacement for Gmail, it's an alternative. You can still use Gmail when you use Inbox, and both apps are able to send you notifications on the same device.

Gmail and Inbox are both working with Gmail email. There's no difference. The content inside each email is the same. Inbox is simply organized different from Gmail.

We've been using Inbox since we first gained access on day 1 – since then, it's been nothing but great. Inbox is the way of the future – go for it. Check our Inbox by Gmail mini-review and let us know if you'll be signing up!