Google Home Mini gets a new color for its first birthday

Eric Abent - Oct 2, 2018, 11:56am CDT
Google Home Mini gets a new color for its first birthday

It’s been almost a year since Google launched the Google Home Mini as an entry-level option for its smart speaker lineup. In time for its first birthday, Google has decided to launch the tiny speaker in a new color. This will be the first new color Google has launched since the Home Mini was released, so if the current color lineup isn’t something that really catches your fancy, it might be worth waiting for this new variant to release later this month.

Google previewed the new minty-blue color it’s calling aqua today. It’ll be joining the existing Home Mini color options, which include chalk, charcoal, and coral. Other than the color change, this is exactly the same Google Home Mini we’ve become acquainted with over the past year, even down to the fabric it’s covered in.

It’s possible Google is feeling the heat at the moment. Amazon just recently held an event where it revealed an incredibly long list of Alexa devices, from wall clocks to microwaves. Among these new items was a redesigned, third-generation Echo Dot that looks a little less like a hockey puck. The Echo Dot competes directly with the Google Home Mini, so perhaps this new color is Google’s answer to Amazon’s recent reveal?

In any case, the Google Home line may soon grow to include another device. In the lead up to Google’s Pixel 3 reveal event on October 9, we’ve been hearing about a new device called the Google Home Hub. This version of Google Home ships with its own display (thereby competing with the Echo Show), and it’s expected to be revealed alongside Google’s new flagship phone next week.

If you’re interested in picking up this new Google Home Mini, you’ll be able to buy one from either Google itself or Walmart later on this month. We’ll have all you need to know from Google’s Pixel 3 event too, so be sure to check back here on October 9.

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