Google has fixed the big problem that killed Glass v1

Today we're getting our first good look at Google Glass version 2, also known (for now) as Google Glass: Enterprise Edition. This version of the device has a few changes in its hardware – the most apparent of which is the removal of the metal bar that attached the glass unit to the opposite side of the wearer's head. There's also a ball joint for the eyepiece. But what's most important here is the addition of a single light – right near the front-facing camera.

Google X head Astro Teller believed that it was Google's own hype machine that killed Glass. As of May of 2015, Teller was suggesting that the public may have felt that the product was meant to be a final-release device, instead of a limited-edition test product, so to speak. Google may have even supported this idea, said Teller in so many words, without making clear that Google Glass wasn't meant for the wide public in the shape it was in at release.

Much of that hype – outside of Google – wasn't all positive. Much of the news that appeared over the months Google Glass was most popular was about businesses that were banning Google Glass due to its front-facing and relatively discreet camera.

One major reason for the device's camera being a concern was the fact that a casual onlooker could not tell whether or not said camera was active or not.

For the new model, that wont be so much of a problem. With the new model, a tiny LED will show everyone when you're taking a photo or recording a video.

Problem solved? Maybe one problem solved – now Google will just have to solve the rest. Or, since the device isn't aimed at everyday average consumers anymore, the light could be the only solution needed to make Google Glass a success.