Google Glasses stunt demo dive video released

Google made keynote history at IO yesterday, skydiving Google Glasses into the venue with the help of a team of stunt bikers and rappellers, and now the company is sharing some behind-the-scenes details. Unsurprisingly, an extreme-sports demo like that requires some practice, and Google has released a video of some of the test jumps Project Glass accompanied, which you can see after the cut.

Despite suggestions otherwise, Google insists that all of the in-flight footage was recorded using Glass. "The higher fidelity footage was recorded locally on the device whereas the hangouts were live streamed at a much lower resolution because of the challenges of networking a skydiver inflight" Google co-founder Sergey Brin said. "Because we were unable to get regular wifi (which is built into Glass) to work under those conditions, we had to use extra networking gear which was tethered via usb to the device."

According to Brin, the company will be revealing more details about the stunt after the second Google IO keynote later on today, weather permitting. Google has already begun taking preorders for the Glasses, priced at $1,500 for developers attending IO, and with deliveries expected early next year.

If you've not watched the full, surprise keynote appearance of Google Glasses – complete with a jump from a blimp down onto the roof of the Moscone Center – then you can find the must-see video here.