Google Glasses reportedly coming to consumers this year

Just a couple of days ago, we got to see what it's like to wear a pair of Google Glasses, which only strengthens our desire for a pair of our own. However, it seems that Google is planning to have Google Glasses shipped out to consumers by the end of the year that aims to bring a "fully-polished" version of the frames to anyone who wants a pair.

Google has confirmed to The Verge that Google Glasses will be making their way into the mainstream by year's end, and the company said that a pair will cost "less than" $1,500. We would love to interpret that as maybe just a couple hundred dollars, but we guarantee that users will be paying a lot more for such glasses.

Google's Sergey Brin said last month that Google Glasses would ship in a few months to developers, but no specific timeline was given. Pre-orders for the glasses began last year at Google I/O for strictly developers. However, it seems that the public will be able to get a hold of a pair before 2014 rolls around.

Google Glasses passed through the FCC earlier this month, and the filing hinted at the addition of bone conduction technology, which will allow users to listen to audio without putting headphones on or in their ears. Instead, special tips that are placed near the temples create vibrations that our ears and brain interpret as music or other audio.